Pharmacology Update
(30 hours)
This workbook presents the most recent advances in pharmacology for nurses. It updates drugs and nursing implications for drugs commonly used in hospitals today. This comprehensive course categorizes drugs by body systems.
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
An Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency
(30 hours)
This course describes the widespread defiency of Vitamin D. It presents the medical problems associated with defiency. This book also makes many useful suggestions regarding supplementaion of Vitamin D.                          
Text by: Zaidi, Sarfraz, MD, Power of Vitamin D, Outskirts Press, 2010.       
Advanced Pharmacology Update

Coming Soon 

Diagnostic Tests
(30 hours)
This workbook includes the latest diagnostic tests (scans, x-rays, special procedures) used in most clinical facilities today. It  reviews the nursing implications of normal and abnormal results. Some common blood tests are also presented in this text.
Cardiovascular Assessment
(30 hours)
This text presents the latest clinical assessment techniques for the cardiovascular system. Select disease conditions and select cardio drugs are also presented as they relate to assessment of the cardiovascular system and nursing implications.
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
Physical Assessment
(30 hours)
This text includes assessment of lungs & thorax, mental status, cardiovascular system, and the neurological system. It presents the latest techniques of adult assessment in a clinical setting.
Management Principles for Nurses
(30 hours)
This workbook presents workplace leadership and management techniques and applies them to all levels of nursing administration, from charge nurse to higher level nursing administration. Any health care provider, nurse, or other caregiver, would benefit by the management techniques in this course.
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
Substance Abuse Update
(30 hours)
This comprehensive class presents a wide variety of abused drugs and other substances of abuse. It also discusses various treatment programs and modalities. The impaired health care professional is also discussed.
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
Prescription Drug Addiction
(30 hours)
Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction, A guide to Coping and Understanding. This newly updated course presents; the nature of addiction as a chronic progressive disease, the most commonly abused prescription drugs, treatment options, insights on recovery and much more.

Text: Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction, Rod Colvin, 3rd edition, 2008.
AIDS Update
(30 hours)
*New Update

This workbook is an up-to-date course on HIV/AIDS for nursing continuing education. We update this course frequently and includes the lab tests, statistics, latest treatment methods, and the latest approved drugs and experimental drugs used to treat HIV/AIDS.
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN

Chemotherapy Principles
(30 hours)
This course presents cancer cell theory and the very latest cancer chemotherapy drugs used to treat select forms of cancer.  Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and others are discussed.  The drugs are reviewed in detail along with administration techniques and the nursing implications.
Author: Judith A. Killman, BSN, RN, MA, MS, LCDR, USN Nurse Corps.
Gastrointestinal Emergencies
(30 hours)
This text presents assessment of the gastrointestinal system during certain GI emergency situations. Select disorders of the GI system are included such as GI bleeding, blunt abdominal trauma, and more are included.
Author: Judith A. Killman, BSN, RN, MA, MS, LCDR, USN Nurse Corps.
Geriatric Nursing Principles
(30 hours)
This workbook describes the normal aging process and assessment of the geriatric client. An extensive geriatric assessment tool is included in this workbook that you could use in clinical practice.
Author: Judith A. Killman, BSN, RN, MA, MS, LCDR, USN Nurse Corps.
Mental Health Nursing
(30 hours)
This workbook is designed for those nurses entering the mental health field. It updates the nurse on behavioral theories and basic mental health nursing principles, including the depressed patient, the suicidal patient, and other diagnoses.
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
EKG Interpretation
(30 hours)
This workbook presents the normal EKG and the basic atrial and ventricular arrhythmias. It gives the nurse a method to interpret the EKG strip and reviews the nursing implications of patients with certain select arrhythmias.
Lab Tests Interpretation
(30 hours)
This workbook reviews and updates the most frequently used lab tests (hematology, coagulation, chemistry tests) and their nursing implications.  This course also presents some basic diagnostic tests, i.e., scans, x-rays, special procedures.
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
A Comprehensive Guide for Nurses
(30 hours)
This text is a comprehensive guide to menopause.  The latest research is presented regarding HRT and other treatments.

Editor:  Norman Heavens RN, MS. PhD, PHN.
Adult Patient Education Principles
This workbook presents the principles of Patient Education for nurses. It reviews the history of adult education. It then presents specific methods and models of Patient Education. This is excellent for nurses who need advanced patient teaching skills for the traditional school setting, clinical setting, and the home care setting.
  *15 contact hours*
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
Feelin' Hot
This course is a humorous, informative, and truthful look at menopause. Rebecca's innovative book on menopause delivers an encouraging message with insight and humor.
Author: Rebecca Hulem RN, "The Menopause Expert." 
*12 contact hours*

Diverticulitis Update
This course presents the latest data regarding formation, prevention, and the treatment of Esophageal and colonic diverticula.
  *5 contact hours*
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
The Nursing PPG,
and other self-employment choices
*(3-hour course)
This home study course discusses the pros and cons of Self-Employment for nurses and the many different types of business opportunities available. The main focus of this course is a Nursing PPG, Professional Practice Group, an exciting new concept for nurses who seek alternatives to employment.
 *3 contact hours*
Editor: Norman Heavens, RN, MS, PhD, PHN
Patient Education Series

30 Contact-Hours EACH SUBJECT

The courses listed below are individual courses for:
30 contact-hours EACH.

These courses include (1) the "Adult Patient Education Principles" workbook (2) and a textbook suitable for patient teaching in each subject area listed below:

  • Patient Education: Understanding Parkinson's Disease (30 hours)
  • Patient Education: Stroke Recovery Patient Education (30 hours)

         All courses have clear behavioral objectives. The examination questions are all multiple choice. All the answers for the questions can be found in the text. You do not need any other reference books to take the exams. However, you may use other references if you wish. A passing score of 70% is required to obtain your certificate of completion. If you should fail the test the first time, you may re-take the test up to three times at no extra charge. (Most of our nurses pass the test the first time) We recommend a one-year time limit to complete your course. However, you may take as long as you need to finish the course....once the course fee has been paid, you may take up to 12 months to finish the course. (further extensions may also be requested).


           Our courses are accepted by ALL State Boards of Nursing that have mandatory CE requirements for CEU credit at this time. Our courses are approved by:

      1. California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP3285.
      2. West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, WV2004-0468RN.
      3. Delaware provider number DE-131, for Delaware nurses and other states.

      4. The Competency & Credentialing Institute; which is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

      **Accepted in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, now mandatory states.**

           Many other National Certification/Accreditation Boards also accept these classes for CE credit (for example, CNOR, nurse practitioners, etc.) Taylor College cannot guarantee acceptance by all Nursing Boards. There are constant changes in certification requirements.  Therefore, it is each individual nurse's responsibility to contact your State and/or National Certification Board to be sure these courses are accepted.


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